Improving Postnatal Support in Uganda

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Meet Asha Namugambe.

Asha took part in our 2019 yher Africa program and is the founder of Teheca in Uganda. 

Asha believes in a world where mothers and their babies do not die during and after delivery because of avoidable birth complications. She nearly lost her sister after giving birth in a hospital in Uganda. With both her deliveries, Asha’s sister developed life-threatening fevers that could have been easily preventable. The nurse to patient ratio is 1:1100 a day in Uganda and as a result there is very little capacity for post-delivery care.

Eight hundred mothers die every day due to avoidable post-birth complications and over 1.16 million infants die within their first month of birth due to complications that arise after childbirth; yet 3/4 of these can all be saved with low cost and low-tech solutions. 

Asha founded Teheca to address this problem. Teheca is a digital mobile platform that connects mothers to nurses for in home postnatal care services and birth delivery kits. The mobile app enables mothers to search, find and request for nurses that are closest to them for in-home check-ups after discharge during the first 6 weeks of the postnatal period. This service enables mothers to seek out timely health care service without the challenges of long hospital queues in the comfort of their homes without paying the expensive consultation cost charged by hospitals and clinics. They do this while also creating an alternative employment opportunity for nurses. 

Asha applied to yher looking to find support in nailing the right pricing model, customer acquisition and plans to scale her business. She accessed our ongoing support program including tailored strategic support and small grants to test new ideas or overcome barriers to growth. When she joined the yher program, she had reached 20,000 mothers and babies. Six months later, Teheca had more than doubled her impact, reaching 45,000 mothers and babies, and increased her revenue by 37%.

My time at yher has boosted my confidence as a female founder – the mentors and supportive female founder community have helped me run an impactful business with clear metrics and goals. The follow on tailored support and an opportunity to consult on everyday business challenges has created a safe space for me to grow and to be sure I am not alone in the race. Are you a female founder out there? I strongly encourage you to apply, your life and business will not remain the same.

Asha Namugambe

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