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Kyomuhendo Phyllis

M-SCAN Uganda develops low-cost mobile ultrasound devices to combat maternal and neonatal mortality in low resource settings.


Melissa Bume

Infiuss is a blood bank management system that connects hospitals with blood banks to hospitals without blood banks. They make use of simple technologies such as their powerful blood bank management platform to address increase of blood shortages across hospitals.


Muzalema Mwanza

Safe Motherhood Alliance produces and distributes safe baby delivery kits to women in rural areas in order to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

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Namugambe Asha

Teheca is a health-tech social enterprise that’s focused on reducing the high mortality rates of mothers and newborns in developing countries through increasing uptake of postnatal care services among mothers by using low cost and low tech solutions.


Omowumi Ogunrotimi

Gender Mobile leverages technology to raise awareness and mobilise action against gender-based violence.

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