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Lwazi Wali

Lwazi started her career in the US at one of the top three aerospace and future tech manufacturers in the world, where she led trans-continental campaigns and managed a portfolio size of USD $3bn. She brings several years of international and Pan-African experience in impact investing and innovative finance and was the first African to graduate from the prestigious IIX Global (Impact Investment Exchange) Impact Institute in Singapore in 2016. She later founded IIX Global’s South Africa Chapter, mobilizing both private and public sector commitments to structure Africa’s first Women’s Livelihood Impact Bond. In 2018, she founded HerHQ - Africa’s first digital, social, capital market democratizing access to knowledge, capital and markets for Pan-African female founders of colour.


Nkgabiseng Motau

Think Creative Africa exists to combine truly African creativity and data-led insights to generate ideas that solve business problems and impact society. As a founder herself, Nkgabiseng believes 'women founded businesses are the drop of water that creates concentric circles of upliftment in our communities. From employment to upliftment of family structures, women raise as they rise. It is important therefore to empower the system of leadership that is being pioneered by women to aid global equality starting right here on the African continent.'


Sizakele Marutlulle

Sizakele Marutlulle has over 23 years experience in the business leadership, brand building, innovation & people development universes. She is a disruptive thinker, cultural creative, business architect, ideation activist and public speaker with experience across various sectors and geographies. She has the rare talent of having worked in the public and private sectors, with small and established businesses, as well as founding several ad agencies. She applies this deep and diverse knowledge to unlock sustainable commercial success for her clients. Given her specific work experience, corporate leadership, brand expertise and consumer engagement in South Africa, The Americas, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania and a working knowledge of Asia and Europe, top-tier companies engage her as advisor and consultant to advance their ambitions as well as imagine new futures. With a burning desire to positively impact Africa’s fortunes, she has a special focus on Fentrepreneurs©, as in female entrepreneurs, to help them build bankable and scalable, future-fit businesses.


Zama Nkosi-Mabuye + Cuma Pantshwa

Asante Blush is a women-led marketing agency with a strong focus and specialisation on female consumers. We passionately craft personalised, authentic marketing and communication solutions for our clients, optimising for the nuances of different South African audiences. We strive to work with brands and organisations genuinely aligned to the needs and desires of women, though we never ignore men. We know the power of women. Empowering female entrepreneurs in Africa is essential if we are committed to moving forward as humanity. Not only are women very capable but in Africa we have a long history of women not only improving their own lives when they are empowered, but also empowering their entire communities. That kind of impact has the potential to change the world as we know it.

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